MAPSview Credits & Contacts

MAPS Interdisciplinary Scientists (IDS)

  • Michel Blanc (IRAP/OMP Toulouse France)
  • Tamas Gombosi (University of Michigan)

MAPS Key Parameters Coordinator

MAPSview @ University of Michigan Site Administrator
  • K.C. Hansen (University of Michigan)
MAPSview @ IRAP/OMP Site Administrator
Visualization Tool Developer (MAPS-IT : Summary and Interactive Plots)
  • Etienne Pallier (IRAP/OMP Toulouse France)

MAPSview Site Developers

  • Jeff Kopmanis (University of Michigan)
  • Kevin Kane (University of Michigan)
  • Jon Andersen (University of Michigan)
  • Bret Squire (University of Michigan)

MAPSview Download Tool Developer

  • Jon Andersen (University of Michigan)

Publication Database Tool Developer (Pubzilla)

  • Kevin Kane (University of Michigan)

PAPCO Module Developers


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