MAPSview - List of Bow Shock and Magnetopause Crossings

This page contains links to three files which contain bow shock and magnetopause crossing times and locations compiled by several Cassini MAPS instrument team members. Please thank H. J. McAndrews, S. J. Kanani, A. Masters, and J. C. Cutler for their hard work in putting these lists together.

The files are provided as a service to MAPS team members so please make sure to follow the MAPS Rules-of-the-Road when using them. Specifically, please acknowledge the work of the contributors in any presentations and publications that use the data. In a publication, please add an acknowledgement similar to:

"We acknowledge the use of the list of Cassini magnetopause and bow shock crossings compiled by H. J. McAndrews, S. J. Kanani, A. Masters, and J. C. Cutler."

Should any of these lists be used extensively in a study please contact the contributors to determine which of them should be included as co-authors.

Note: There was a small error in the calculation of the location of the bow shock crossings. The times of the crossings were correct, but the location was not quite correct for crossings between 16 August 2005 and 22 February 2006. This error was corrected 23 June 2009.
If you downloaded these files before this date please download the new files. We apologize for this problem.

The crossings were visually identified in the CAPS and MAG data, often employing a combination of both data sets to increase the accuracy of the timing. Bow shock crossings are identified by a sharp increase in the in the density and temperature of the plasma, and in the magnetic field strength (going from solar wind to magnetosheath). Magnetopause crossings are associated with a decrease in the plasma density, an increase in the plasma temperature, and usually, but not always a clear rotation in the magnetic field (going from magnetosheath to magnetosphere).

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive, as data gaps prohibit the precise identification of a number of the boundary crossings.

Adam Masters

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