MAPSview - MAPS Key Parameter Database (IRAP - Toulouse - France)

Welcome to MAPSview. This site provides access to Key Parameter data collected at Saturn by the MAPS instruments on NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Members of the Cassini team may browse, download and/or plot the data.

The Magnetosphere and Plasma Science (MAPS) working group of the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn realized early in the mission planning process that collaborative science between teams would be one key to the missions success. This site is sponsored by the two MAPS Interdisciplinary Scientists (IDS) so that Cassini/Huygens teams members can easily access Key Parameter data from the MAPS instruments. Through the sharing of this data we hope to foster collaborative science and thereby enhance the science return of the mission.

Please note that only Key Parameter data is available from this site. More comprehensive data or data from other instruments should be obtained from the instrument PIs directly.

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